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23 Sep

Prevent falls on the slopes

There is always an element of risk to skiing and snowboarding, but there are a number of precautions you can take to reduce your chances of injuries that, at the very least, will ruin your holiday.

If you do not have time to train yourself before a holiday, there are still measures to take on the slopes. Many of them may seem like common sense, but common sense can go out the window all too easily with that first breath of mountain air.

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21 Aug

Enjoy Ski Resorts in the Off-season

The snow may have melted, but ski resorts still offer mountains of fun during warm weather—with fewer crowds and deeper discounts than in winter. Golfers, hikers, bungee-jumpers and zip liners: Get ready to hit the summertime slopes.

Take a hike. Skiing gets all the attention, but let’s face it, mountains are also great for hiking, which requires no beginner lessons, no pricey lift tickets and no extra equipment other than a sturdy pair of walking boots. A room in midsummer can cost hundreds of dollars less per night than the same one during Christmas break.

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02 Jul

Five Reasons To Take Up Golf

When the crocuses and daffodils poke their heads out of the spring ground, snow lovers hang up their skis and snowboards until next winter. Golf season is now upon us. Golf is sometimes perceived as a secret society. While the sport is deeply rooted in history and traditions, today’s golf scene is getting with the times like never before.  I’m here to convince you golf is a great game, and here’s 5 good reasons why.

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01 Jun

Faster Ways to Get Through Americasʼ Airport Security

The TSA PreCheck® program is an expedited security screening process for travelers departing from U.S. airports with faster security lanes. Passengers considered low-risk who qualify for the program can receive screening, either as a member of the program or another specific trusted traveler group. There is an $85 cost for a five-year membership when you apply for the TSA PreCheck® program.

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01 May

Summer Tips for Ski Fitness

Summer and fall should be the perfect time to start preparing for a fun, safe and healthy winter of skiing. Whether you prefer cross-country, traditional downhill, or snowboarding, now is the time to start thinking about your preparation. Below are a few tips you can implement in the coming summer months to insure that your body will be ready to hit the slopes in winter.

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13 Apr

How Cold Is Too Cold For Skiing?

Frostnip occurs before frostbite and usually affects exposed skin. Frostnip is characterized by red skin that is tingly or numb. Frostnip is best treated by coming inside and warming up.

Frostbite is much more serious. It occurs when ice crystals form in the skin and deeper tissues. Frostbit skin is completely numb and looks white, grayish-yellow or grayish-blue and waxy. If you suspect frostbite, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

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13 Apr

Storing Ski Gear in the Off-Season

As we close out another ski season it’s nearing time to prepare and store ski gear for proper off-season storage. By following these simple guidelines for cleaning and preserving, you will prolong the life of your gear and be ready to go when the snow starts falling.

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15 Feb

Tree Skiing

Tree skiing most commonly refers to skiing off the groomed slopes, in and among trees of various sizes, shapes and types. It is exhilarating and easily accessible at any ski area in North America. The U.S and Canada are said to offer the best tree skiing in the world because, on a grand scale, the mountains of North America don’t reach the barren heights of Europe’s Alps and South America’s ski resorts.

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08 Jan

How to Ski on Icy or Hard Packed Snow

Almost every skier will encounter icy conditions at some point.

If your ski edges are dull, rusted or dinged up it will impair your ability to turn or stop on ice or hard packed snow so it’s a good practice to keep your ski edges sharp and burr free. Check your skis daily for burrs or dings especially if you have recently been skiing on ice or hard packed snow.  

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08 Jan

Controlling Speed on Steep Terrain

When advancing skiers take on Black Diamond terrain they should have a strong knowledge of how to keep their speed under control as the terrain gets steeper. There is hardly anything more scary, or more dangerous, than being out of control and then having to make desperate skidding attempts to stop.

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