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Gelandesprung Newsletters & President's Message

Happy December to everyone !  Let the snow fly heart  This past month we were visible at the YMCA’s Ski Swap on the east side of Green Bay.  Many thanks to Mary Halloin for manning our table for the event.  Thanks also to Paul Hendricks and Mary Lou Kuske who helped her out.  By the amount of brochures we passed out, quite a few people had an interest in us. 

Unfortunately, Rick Huston has to step down as our Secretary.  He has quite a few out-of-town plans for the next couple of months.  Tom Piette, who is currently our Historian, has agreed to fill Rick’s shoes for the remainder of the term.  I would like to thank Rick for all of his contributions and hard work! 

The Fall Banquet was a great evening for the start of our 2015-16 Ski Season!  Jenny Lunde, our Web Meister, put together a great slide show for everyone to view during cocktails and dinner.  The food that The Woods provided for the dinner was delicious, as is usual.  During the presentation from the President, the internet was rather slow, so those who were at the banquet will have to wait with bated breath to see the details of the website presented at the Spring Banquet. 

Adam Hanson, our Social Events Coordinator, had us all stand up and look under our chairs to find door prize winners.  Some of the door prizes were hats, t-shirts and a free hotel room from Canada’s Sun Peaks resort.  Our guest speaker, Ben Herdrich, from Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center from Fond du Lac, told us of their plans to host Snowkite racing.  This involves racing around a course on either skis or snowboards, while flying a kite.  It sounds like it would be quite exciting!

October 9th is our Fall Banquet and the kick off of our 2015-16 ski season !  Our starting field position can’t be beat with scheduled trips in January, February and March.  We will be juking and jiving to Lutsen/Spirit Mountain January 1-4, definitely making a fair catch to Beaver Creek January 23-30, creating a quarterback sneak to Boyne February 19-21 and completing a field goal to Marquette Mountain March 20th for their Spring Carnival.  All plays are sure to lead to an exciting and winning season!

Our website is constantly improving-- be sure to check it out by going to  The tab called “Snow Events” lists all of the trips.  When viewing the details of each trip, there is a button that, when pressed, will produce a trip sign-up sheet.  There is also a button in the lower left hand corner of each screen that will do the same thing.

Our Summer Picnic on August 1st at Way-Morr Park was sun-sational!  Not only was it a great day weather wise, but a great get-together as well.  Thank you to Ron Quick for providing his famous BBQ Pork and Dan Nitka for providing homemade Brats and Booyah.  The shared appetizers, sides, salads and desserts brought by other club members were wonderful too !  Thank you to everyone who came to the picnic.

The Board is working on updating our Bylaws, which have been in need of editing for quite a few years.  We are also working on a Trip Leader Guide for anyone interested in running a trip.  Both should be posted to our Website in the next couple of months.  An interesting page to view on the Website is “Where We Have Been” under the tab labeled Snow Events. It is a world map that includes the locations of the trips both Gelandesprung and Sly Fox Ski Clubs have taken.

As the Sunflowers, Phlox and Daisies have bloomed; our trip list has bloomed and is available in this newsletterwink.  For Lutsen and Boyne, the Board has decided to leave a little earlier, so please make note of the departure times.  I am happy to report that Dick Wortiska has been able to find better air fare for our trip to Beaver Creek.  We are now flying with Southwest, which has reduced the cost of the overall trip.  Our trip sign-up form should be available in September.



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Gelandesprung Meaning


a jump, usually over an obstacle, in which one plants both poles in the snow in advance of the skis, bends close to the ground, and propels oneself chiefly by the use of the poles.


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